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Interested in Lessons?

Interested in learning how to compose? Maybe you're already creating pieces but need some feedback on orchestration. Or maybe you're interested in putting together some virtual or live performances and aren't sure where to start. Whatever your creative goals may be, having someone with experience on your side can be a big help!

You have agency in your private lessons and can decide for yourself what you want to learn, and can shift gears whenever you're ready.

In a composition lesson, you can bring in your compositions and arrangements to receive feedback from an experienced professional. I can help you identify parts of music that may be challenging for the performer, or can give advice on how to blend the different voices of an ensemble. You can send your projects a couple days early if you like and I can prepare more a detailed analysis or you can bring in materials as your lessons starts and you can receive an "in the moment" reaction and critique.


Composition lessons are designed to help YOU identify what YOU want your music to accomplish, and then take the steps to reach those goals. In addition to composing, I can assist with arranging, audio and video mixing, engraving, concert production logistics, and more. 

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Need a creative service? I can help with that! Prices vary depending on the type of work, when the project needs to be completed and my own availability so please describe your needs in the form below and I will get back to you with a quote! Need a service that isn't listed in the dropdown menu? Don't be afraid to ask!

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